November's Featured Artist!


Meet Tori Gray, November’s Featured Artist! Tori loves to create acrylic paintings with a chiaroscuro style interplay of shadow and light. Chiaroscuro, meaning light-dark in Italian, is an artistic technique that uses bold contrasts of light to create depth within a painting. Tori developed her style in college and with the aid of her college professors, progressed more than she ever thought she could.




Her main avenues of inspiration are from nature, meditation, and yoga; she also draws inspiration from artists like Guillermo Del Toro. In fact, Tori attended Guillermo Del Toro’s exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and witnessed Del Toro’s extraordinary imagination through a collection of paintings, drawings, artifacts and film art. Never before had she been so inspired by visions of death and the afterlife; magic, horror, monsters; and innocence and redemption, all in one venue. It has influenced her to continue learning, creating and expressing herself throughout her work.

Booth at Express-O Nights

Tori has exhibited her paintings at Pizza Studio, The Seed LA, and Express-O Nights, and has sold works that were consigned in other local restaurants. This month, Tori will be exhibiting at a local LA art show called “Underrated” in Carson. She hopes to one day showcase her paintings at the Irvine Fine Arts Center.

Her advice for emerging artists: “If anyone tells you art won’t take you anywhere in life, don’t listen to them! It takes more than just curiosity and passion to get where you want to be. I believe dedication is most important!”

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