December's Featured Artist!

3D rendering of Vivi with Background

This month’s featured artist is Will Satcher! He graduated from UCSB with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital & Studio Art, and is an aspiring character / concept artist. Will specializes in fantasy design but is open to using a wide spectrum of media to explore different styles. He currently uses a 19” digital drawing tablet to create all of his designs however before he had a drawing tablet, many of his masterpieces began as a sketch in a college-ruled notebook. When he’s not designing, he loves to use his 3D pen and wire mesh to create miniatures, as well as practice creative writing in the form of short stories.

Valley Linework

Daidarabotchi’s Rest, Final

Will is able to get into the zone fairly easily by simply drinking a cup of coffee and sitting at his art station, and typically works close to 10 hours a day on a design. He is highly motivated to become a character / concept artist for video games, and willing to work long hours to accomplish his task. He also gathers inspiration from his favorite character / concept artists, Yoji Shinkawa, Yoshitaka Amano, and Tetsuya Nomura; these artists designed some of his favorite games, such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, and are regarded as legends within the gaming industry.

Samurai, Final

Will has sold a few commissions to friends and family, through Redbubble, and during college art shows. He hopes to open a Patreon page to teach character / concept design and hopes to also gain more freelance work from game or film companies such as Square Enix. Will is also working on a Choose Your Own Adventure book as well as a Digital Design book.

His advice for emerging artists: "Learn! Not just in whatever your skill is (although you should do that too). When you create you put all your experiences into whatever it is you are making. Learning in any form will invariably change your art for the better -- for instance, knowledge of ancient Rome will come in handy all the time if you draw or paint practically anything classical looking. Learning to be adaptable is a must as well."

To find more of Will’s work, visit:

ArtStation | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Website | YouTube


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