October's Featured Artist!

The Beauty of Uncertainty

This month’s featured artist is a mother of two teenage boys, a housewife and a 2-Dimensional artist. Maria’s work is a mix of black and white florals, intricate pen and ink designs, as well as art journaling. She works on multiple journals at a time, each dedicated to a specific category. Maria gathers inspiration from nature, specifically flowers, leaves, trees, and patterns she finds in her surroundings. Her main focus is capturing what she observes and journaling her experiences. On her downtime, she enjoys reading, baking, drinking tea and taking photos of everyday life.

Floral Cluster

Sunday Flowers

When she is drawing, she likes to use black fineliner pens because she loves the contrast against the white paper. However when she art journals, she also likes to explore other mediums such as watercolors, acrylics and collage.



She has always been fascinated with flowers and floral designs. It wasn’t until she started drawing them for an Instagram challenge where she discovered her love for making them. The Instagram challenge helped her study different flowers as she drew them and developed her skills as a floral artist.

Hidden Floral

Maria typically doesn’t have an end result in mind when she is inspired. She enjoys working on instinct and allows herself time to bring the design to completion. When she designs full spreads of detailed pen and ink patterns, these pieces usually take a few days to a few weeks to complete. However long it takes, the end result is always worth it.


Moving Elements

Recently, she has taken on art journaling. It helps her explore and experiment with different mediums to express herself. It has also given her confidence with her artistic abilities by allowing her to love the process of creating art and design.

Someday Maria would like to exhibit her work and transition to paper or canvas. But for now, she loves what is she doing.


Her advice for emerging artists: “Just start and keep practicing everyday. We all are a work in progress.”

To find more of Maria’s work, visit:

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