February's Featured Artist!

Floral Sketches

Welcome to February’s Featured Artist! This month we are focusing on Rabia Hasan. She is a self-taught doodle artist, photographer, and a calligrapher of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art. Her work consist of a mixture of floral sketches, geometric doodles and modern calligraphy. Rabia enjoys using pen, pencil and watercolor for mandalas, floral sketches and doodles; however she loves to use brush pens for calligraphy.

Watercolor Galaxy Bookmarks

She gains inspiration from other artists like Piccandle’s drawings, Marudles’ (October’s Featured Artist) floral drawings and paintings, and Kelly Creates for calligraphy and brush lettering. Rabia began her creative journey by participating in an Instagram Challenge in 2017, and it helped her explore a new talent she didn’t know she had.

Colorful Mandala Doodle

In addition to drawing, Rabia works as a voice-over artist and a photographer. She hopes to also participate in exhibitions to display her calligraphy and mandalas, as well as design a coloring book one day.

Floral wreath and calligraphy birthday card

Her advice for emerging artists: "Keep practicing. Practice is the key to success; and never give up. Don't worry if your work is not perfect, nobody is perfect in this world. Never ever get discouraged by negative criticism. Take the criticism and turn it into your strength."

To find more of Rabia’s work, visit:

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Thank you for joining me for this month’s featured artist! Tune in next month for our next featured artist!

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