August's Featured Artist!


This month’s featured artist is Cecilia Serna, aka Mermaid Bonez! Based out of San Francisco, Cecilia paints surreal nature scenes and creatures not of this world. Her designs and paintings are inspired by nature, dreams and realms of her own imagination; as well as artists like Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, Mark Rodgers, and, Matt Gordon. She loves to explore different media and avenues to be creative, from graffiti art, to painting with oil and acrylic, to even tattooing. Currently she has a studio set up for both painting and tattooing in San Francisco, where she designs custom pieces or recreates some past designs. Cecilia plans on becoming a better painter and would love to take more figure drawing classes throughout her creative journey.



Her creative process begins with ideas she has written down or previously sketched out. From there she likes to play around with the color scheme to see how it will flow once everything is laid out. An important step for her process, though, is researching objects that will be featured in the artwork and creating a series of photo references to access throughout her design. Then, once she has the pieces in place, she begins the artwork.


A House In Riverside


For tattooing, she typically designs the custom piece in her tattoo flash book, a book containing a collection of all her tattoo designs. From there she creates a stencil and puts needle to skin; very rarely, however, she will skip the stenciling and freehand a tattoo if the customer requests it.



Cecilia Started

participating in small art shows and art walks in high school, and most recently participated in RAW Artists in Orange County, CA, Tribe Called Culture in Hawthorne, CA, and Artifesto in Inglewood, CA.

This month on the 4th of August, she is live tattooing at Nikki Alfonzo, 100 Plant Portraits in Los Angeles, CA from 6 pm to 11 pm.


Her advice for emerging artists: Don't go for too long without practicing your craft.


To find more of Cecilia’s work, or booking info, visit:

Behance | Instagram | Website


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