About The Game

F*CK This Game

A sophisticated board game for savage adults - and the perfect addition to your favorite question/answer card games

The Game

This is not a board game for the faint of humor! This is not your grandpa's game!

His game was just hitting each other in the shins with a stick. We tried it, it's not very fun.

This is a game for humans age 17+ who want to steal imaginary money from each-other and win rounds by saying things like "my little butt never ceases to amaze me." This is a game for 3 or more players in which you will likely shout "F*CK ALL!" at least once. This is a sophisticated game for savage adults -- and the perfect addin to your favorite question/answer card games. Also, the money is pronounced "feck." (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

A race to the finish, a test of the funniest, mayhem from end to end -- F*CK This Game!

The Board

F*CK This Game's board is structured so that it allows for tons of different play styles. Classic board gamers (and n00bs) can opt for for a simple free race, while true competitors might want to try game styles like Kingslayer or Bankbuster. You can even make up your own game style, and if it's really awesome, send it to us and we'll add it to the list!

What's in the Box?

 The hard copy version of F*CK This Game includes:

  • That board we mentioned earlier

  • 50 Question cards with 50 completely different questions

  • 200 Answer cards each with a bigass 'A' on the back, f*ck yeah!

  • 60 ?! cards, red like the blood of Sparta. Or a firetruck

  • Fake money crafted by elven counterfeiters

  • 8 player pieces in 8 totally radical colors

  • A single die. No jokes there  

How To Get Your Own

Support our campaign on Kickstarter.com!

Donating options:

  • Pledge $1 - Chance to Win a Copy

  • Pledge $22 - For F*CK This Game Digital Copy

  • Pledge $37 - F*CK This Game Hard Copy

  • Pledge $71 - F*CK This Game x2

  • Pledge $118 - F*CK This Game Question Lord Edition

  • Pledge $500 -Real F*CK - Get your Name/Company on Every Game Box & Card Box

  • Pledge $1000 - Lord of the F*CK - Get your Logo on Every Game Box & Card Box

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