Tile Art Designs


Looking for an art piece to make a statement in your home? I am designing custom hand-painted tile art that can offer your home a fun, creative way to decorate any space. Tile art is versatile and can be used as simple interior/exterior décor, framed to be a focal point or even tiled into the floor or walls to accent a space. The designs can be abstract, but may also represent an idea, a pet, family member, a philosophy and/or religious significance. Designs can span multiple tiles, can be repeating, or on one individual tile.



Tile art originated from mosaics, a form of art created by assembling glass, stones, and other material in a pattern to unify as an image. Mosaics have been around since Mesopotamia in 3rd millennium BC and were the form of image-making in classical times. Many historic mosaics are found in Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily where the largest collection of Roman mosaics are held; as well as in religious buildings and palaces in Islamic art, including Islam’s first religious building, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.


Fish designed by Mike Savlen and Pineapple designed by Jackie Jacobson


Tile art has been around for centuries and is still a largely practiced art form. Some my favorite modern-day tile art is designed by Mike Savlen and Jackie Jacobson. I greatly enjoy the style of Dutch Delftware as well.


Examples of Dutch Delftware


I’m excited to offer custom hand-painted tiles because of their versatility and unique looks. If you are interested and have a design in mind, please contact me below!


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