What it means to be a Featured Artist

I’ve received a few questions about what it means to become a featured artist on Sundreya.org, so I will explain in more detail why I started this program.

What is a featured artist? For starters, a featured artist is an artist/creative who is highlighted to promote their unique talents -- however, there will only be one per month! Below you will find the link to the Featured Artist Signup Form, which will ask you a series of questions to describe your skills, inspirations, techniques and goals/achievements. Your story, along with your creative work, will be shared to thousands of viewers online.

Why does this matter? In this day and age, the internet has become cluttered with millions of different avenues to share our lives, skills, dreams, hopes and relationships. Unfortunately many of these carry unnecessary standards or stereotypes which tend to categorize individual works into specific groups -- or worse, require an erroneously high payment for an artist's work to be featured. I don't want this program to become another way to arrange demographics or turn a display of amazing skill into a competition. Featured artists are individuals who share a creative space by simply following their passion. It is a place where different forms of art can thrive together and be an information source for aspiring creatives. It is a place where we can put our judgements aside and admire the amazing skills people can have. 

You’re probably wondering, who can sign up?

Any creative/artist can! This means studio artists, digital artists, photographers, videographers, designers, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, interior designers, crafters, print makers, sculptors, pottery makers, writers – the list goes on! If you are creative, your submission will be accepted.

Is there a deadline? Never! Keeping this program open will not only relieve the pressure to sign up, but allows creatives to sign up on their own terms -- anytime, anywhere. 

Why is this important? It's important to share various talents with the world and offer artists (of all kinds) a free program to display their passion. Anyone can sign up -- a beginner, hobbyist or a professional -- the only thing that matters is the simple fact that you are creating one-of-a-kind work and want to share it with the world. 

Being an artist myself, I find it inspiring when artists passionately share their talents, are open learning new techniques and styles from others, and encourage everyone to continue their creative journey in their own way. Becoming a featured artists offers anyone creative a place to share their unique skills and grow in this industry together.


My goal is to have a community of amazing people sharing their passions in one place. There won't be any hidden fees, just pure love and admiration for what they do. From my experience, artists are enthusiastically hardworking, talented individuals that deserve a chance to showcase their skills without scrutiny. As featured artists, we're creating a place where we can put our judgements aside and admire the amazing skills people can have. 


Are you ready to become a Featured Artist?

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