September's Featured Artist!

Hello and welcome to September’s Featured Artist! Meet Megan, the artist behind MM Fine Art. She is a professional graphite artist and specializes in Pet Portraits! Let’s learn more about her creative journey.

Welcome, Megan, so tell us about yourself?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have always loved working with graphite ever since I was little. I’ve tried to draw as realistically as possible, and I would love to advance to hyper-realism one day. I’ve never had any formal training, so I’m completely self taught and have learned everything I know from trial and error. I currently specialize in pet portraits because I love the relationships people have with their pets. The love that an owner and pet share is very unique but also so strong, and I love to immortalize people’s pets (and my own) through my art.

I love that feeling, too, making something so special for someone. There is nothing else like it! When did you start creating?

I’ve always created my whole life, but I really focused on my art last year. I’ve always had some type of excuse of why now is not the right time to create. First it was my kids, then my job, then my talent level, etc. I finally had a break through moment last year when I got a random pet portrait commission and it all took off after that. I realized that I didn’t truly feel like myself unless I was drawing. Since then, I have really focused on practicing my art and I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier!

Yes! I went through a very similar experience last year as well. It’s amazing how things can change once you believe in yourself. You previously mentioned you loved working with graphite, can you explain a little more why is that?

Graphite is the medium I first fell in love with, and it will probably always be the closest to my heart. I also love watercolor and I am trying to teach myself colored pencil and acrylic as well.

However I love graphite because it allows me the most realism that I want in my pieces. It’s kind of that old faithful medium that I can always count on to come through for me. But on the flip side, watercolors are so nice and freeing. When I’m painting I like not focusing on every small detail.

I love painting for the same reasons, it allows me take a step back in my day-to-day life. Are there any artists you look up to or aspire to be like?

There are so many artists out there right now that it’s hard to name a few who I admire. I can say that Lisa Clough at Lachri Fine Art has probably influenced me the most as an artist. I love her realism, her surrealism, and her love for animals that she incorporates in every piece she does. I’m also very lucky that my best friend Lindsey at Lindsey Fiore is a very talented expressionist acrylic painter who has always been my cheerleader and inspires me to constantly create.

That is so great to have someone close to you who inspires you! What else inspires you?

I am a Christian so I really look to God’s creation to inspire me. I see His hand everywhere and it always makes me want to paint or draw. Being out in nature, especially the ocean, is very inspiring to me even through that’s not the type of art I usually create.

Specifically for my pet portraits, just hearing the stories of people’s relationships with their pets, and hearing them talk about their pets personalities, all of that is so inspiring to me.

Nature is a big inspiration for me, too. Do you have any special talents aside from your creativity?

I have a special talent of buying too many books and finding creative places around my house to hide them - haha!

I do the same thing with art supplies! What are some rituals or processes you do while creating?

I don’t really have any rituals in place as of right now. I usually try to make time to sit at my art desk and draw everyday. While I’m drawing I’m always listening to an audio book or a podcast.

A lot of the time, I can go to my desk feeling stressed out or anxious, but by the time I get done drawing for the day I feel so much better. Drawing is very relaxing for me.

That’s great! I usually always have music on while I’m painting. Have you been in any exhibitions? If you haven’t, what are some you would like to be involved in?

I have’t been in any exhibitions just yet. Most of the pieces I create are commissioned work, so I have to try and fit in extra time to build up my portfolio. Right now I am sticking with art fairs, but would like to move into the gallery scene soon.

Since I am commissioned based, I sell the majority of my work right away. However I do have some portfolio pieces that haven’t sold yet.

I m sure you will do amazing things whether or not you participate in shows. What are your plans for the future of your skill?

I really love what I do right now, creating pet portraits. However, I’d really love to learn the color pencil medium and then move into acrylics as well. I’ve always felt like we as artists should be life long learners, so every so often I try to pick up something new to learn. I just started giving private lessons but would one day LOVE to have my own little studio to work in.

Megan’s advice for emerging artists: “My ONE piece of advice is Practice. Practice your little artistic butt off. It’s amazing how my drawing skills developed in just a few months by consistently drawing everyday.”

To find more of Megan’s work, visit:

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