August's Featured Artist!

Hello and welcome to August’s Featured Artist! Meet John Lauria, an artist who loves photographing precious family moments and land/seascapes. Let’s find out more about John’s background!

So John, tell us about yourself and your artistic style?

I am 59 years old and I have been making photographs since the age of 12. I started with a Kodak Instamatic in 1972, but after seeing my ability, my father gave me his old Zeiss Ikon 35mm.

My favorite photographic subject is my grandchildren. Nothing gives my more pleasure than to sit in the grass, get down to their level and watch them play. It allows me the opportunity to capture the joy of being a child in an image. As for land/seascapes, taking some time to sit and feel the energies of an area, allowing the space to talk with me, much as a sculptor feels the marble to ‘hear’ what is inside. It is a very Zen thing.

Those are the most important moments! Have you sold your services or exhibited in any shows?

I worked as a wedding photographer for a few years, but I got tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Truth be told, I was not very good at it anyway and I began to really lose my passion for photography, so I stopped shooting for about six years. Now I shoot for me.

I had a gallery exhibition in Campbell, California for a short time. I was able to volunteer to work in the gallery, so I saw the reactions to my art without the viewer knowing. It taught me a great deal about how my art was seen.

That must’ve been a fun experience seeing the expressions of the audience enjoying your work. If you had to pick one, what is your favorite moment as a photographer?

In the old days, I did a fair amount of figurative work, one of the things that always brought me joy was when a model would react to the finished photographs would say, “I had no idea how beautiful I am!”.

I love seeing my client’s excitement, too! It is so rewarding. Do you have any dream client(s)?

I am not really looking for clients, from time to time a friend or acquaintance will ask me to photograph their kids, or grand-kids, and if I can, I am happy to oblige. Or if someone sees one of my photographs and would like to buy one, again, I am happy to oblige. However, if an ‘angel’ wishes to hand me some money to create some art for them, I would consider it…

Absolutely – it’s important to set boundaries with your talent. What is your favorite camera and lenses to use?

I have been working with Nikon cameras and lenses for about thirty years, from Nikon F, F3, N2020 (early auto-focus), but now I have added a D3500, my first digital SLR. My favorite lens was my Nikkor 80-200 f2.8.

I have the D3500, as well! Do you have any special talents aside from your creativity?

To paraphrase Tyrion Lannister, “I Cook, and I know things.”

That’s great! I find that most creatives dabble in many different avenues. What are some of your favorite locations to capture?

I love the shore, beaches mostly, but they have to have rocks, cliffs, caves, and/or tide pools.

John’s advice for emerging artists: “No matter how much money you make as an artist, never let it kill your passion for your own art. Always remember to create for yourself first.”

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