April's Featured Artist!

This month’s featured artist is Rossella! She has been drawing since she was a child, but what really inspired her to follow her passion was when her father sent her a photo of Prague. She fell in love with the architecture and how beautiful the city is.

Rossella has always found inspiration in the world around her, but she gathered the most inspiration from her family. Her mother and brother are both artists and she spent her childhood admiring their work. More recently she gathers daily inspiration from photography, utilizing Pinterest and Instagram to find and admire works of other artists. She loves having the opportunity to see photos from people around the world – locations that she otherwise might not see without the internet.

Ne 'l sentier de li anni miei
Madre e amica tu mi sei:
A te sola i suoi secreti
Tristi e lieti - aperse il cor;
E tu sola nei dí mesti
Intendesti - i miei dolor.
(G. Carducci)

Last summer she began collecting broken tiles she found on the beach and paint on them cities, people, historic monuments and heartwarming quotes. She also loves to create greeting cards for special occasions.

Rossella doesn’t have any interest in exhibiting in any art shows at the moment, however she loves street art and sometimes she leaves her painted tiles around cities and shops in hopes that someone finds it for a keepsake.

Her advice for emerging artists: "Everyone has their way of making art and must follow their own path"

To find more of Rossella’s work, visit:


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